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FileLocator Pro Professional data discovery software, with a powerful combination of features not found in any other file searching product.
Agent Ransack


FileLocator Lite
Freeware 'lite' versions of FileLocator Pro. Contains a limited selection of the features found in FileLocator Pro.


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Applications no longer actively developed but still available for purchase:


FileLocator Network Distributed file searching using the powerful FileLocator Pro search engine.


Mythicsoft Labs


These applications are still in development and come with no warranty. They are poorly documented (if at all) and probably have some bugs in them but... they're pretty cool and best of all they're free:


Mythicsoft Search Server Indexed search tool for searching locally or remotely via a web interface.
Requires: Windows XP or higher.
Scan/Fax Search Tool for searching scanned and faxed documents. The scan/fax images are read using Google's Tesseract OCR engine and then cached for fast searching. It can even search for text in photos if the photo quality is good enough.

Download Size: 4.37 MB
Requires: Windows XP or higher with .NET 2.0 framework.


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